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How can ticket attorneys get points taken off your license?
April 21, 2022 at 4:00 AM
Car driving on a street.

There are a lot of different ways you can end up getting charged with a traffic violation that adds points to your license. Often, the kinds of offenses that result in added points are moving violations like speeding, collisions with other vehicles, texting while driving, and driving without wearing a seatbelt. They typically aren’t very serious violations, but points on your license are never a good thing, and it’s best to do as much as you can to remove them immediately.

The route most people take to remove points from their license and get traffic tickets dismissed is to take an approved defensive driving course. This is typically a convenient option that allows you to resolve the violation relatively quickly and painlessly, equipping you with the skills and knowledge you need to avoid future violations. That being said, a defensive driving course isn’t always the right way to go.

There are a few reasons a course might not be the right solution for you. If you have good reason to believe you were given your traffic ticket unjustly, it may be better for you to fight it instead. Some people also don’t have the option of a course available to them at all. If points were added to your commercial driver’s license or you’ve been convicted of a violation too recently, fighting the charges or simply accepting the points are your only options.

If you’re facing the possibility of having points added to your license as a result of a traffic violation, it’s essential that you understand your options for removing them as quickly as possible. That’s why in this blog post, we’ll review the potential solutions of a defensive driving course or contesting the ticket in court in greater detail, giving you a greater understanding of which of these options is right for you.

First, take a defensive driving course

If the option is available to you, it’s likely best to simply take a defensive driving course. This allows you to remove the points added to your license as a result of your violation fairly easily, and it’s ultimately beneficial for your driving skills. You need to make sure any course you’re considering is approved by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, as only these will result in reduced points.

As mentioned previously, though, certain situations may not make this option available to everyone. If, for example, the license you’ve received points on is a commercial driver’s license, a course won’t be of any help to you in terms of removing those points.

Additionally, if you’ve had a traffic ticket dismissed within the past year, refused to plead “no contest,” receive a speeding ticket for over 25 MPH over the speed limit, or been convicted of a more serious violation like a DUI or hit and run, you may not be eligible to receive a point reduction from a defensive driving course.

Contest the traffic ticket in court

When a defensive driving course isn’t an option, you can still fight your traffic violation in court. Even if you believe you have good reason to fight the ticket, though, don’t do so at the moment a police officer is giving you one. Save it for the courtroom and talk to a lawyer who can review the details of your case with you. A lawyer will best understand where the potential for a winning defense may lie in your case.