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How do you get a suspended license reinstated in Houston?
November 4, 2022 at 11:00 PM
Image of someone sitting in a car wondering how to get their suspended license reinstated.

Your life revolves around being able to drive. Getting to work and school, spending time with friends and family, running errands, and having fun in your time off all depend on driving. A suspended license in Texas is more than inconvenient. It can cost a fortune in ride-share apps or limit your freedom. You don’t have to wait out the terms of your suspension, but to get back on the road sooner, you need help from a legal expert.

Here are some tips for Texas drivers needing to reinstate their suspended license.

What are the reasons licenses get suspended in Texas?

Getting a single speeding ticket or moving violation won’t cause a suspension. Still, some situations are serious enough to lose your license, both related to driving and not. Because of how important driving is to Texas residents, license suspension is a punishment for a variety of infractions.

Driving while intoxicated

Perhaps the most well-known reason people get their licenses revoked is because of a DWI. A first offense can trigger a two-year suspension, plus an alcohol education course.

Individuals with commercial driver’s licenses risk the loss of both their personal and professional driving privileges, even if they weren’t working when they received a DWI. Refusal to take a breathalyzer or blood test triggers an automatic license suspension for anywhere between 90 days and two years.

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Reckless driving in other vehicles

Many people don’t realize that reckless behavior off the roads can still impact their ability to drive. Revocation of driving privileges may become part of the punishment if you receive a citation for the dangerous or intoxicated operation of a boat or plane.

Non-driving offenses

You don’t have to be behind the wheel to lose your license. Texas courts include suspension as part of the penalty for a variety of crimes related to:

  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • Public intoxication
  • Drug possession

Texas courts use license suspension as a punishment for so many crimes because of how effectively it limits personal freedom.

When you’re facing a DWI or criminal charges, contact a defense attorney with experience with traffic violations to limit the terms of your suspension or get it reinstated.

How do you get a license reinstated?

Working with a legal professional is the best way to fight charges and ensure you can keep your license and driving privileges.

Even after a court suspends your license, you’re not out of options. You can apply for an occupational license that returns some of your driving privileges and minimizes the disruption to your life.

What is an occupational license?

An occupational license is also called an essential need license, which better describes its purpose. An occupational license is exclusively for situations when you need to drive to get to:

  • Work
  • School
  • Household errands

Getting an occupational license takes petitioning the court in your district. While it’s not a complicated process, nuances to every case are best served by handling from a legal professional. Consulting with a defense attorney for a case review gives you the best chance of receiving an occupational license.

Whenever you face legal consequences, it’s crucial to have a defense lawyer by your side. You can avoid the expense and hassle of a plea and minimize disr