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Occupational License Tips from an Experienced Licensed Lawyer
January 29, 2023 at 8:00 AM
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At Monks Law Firm, we understand how important your livelihood is. In the state of Texas, if you are convicted of certain criminal offenses or traffic violations, you may be unable to obtain the necessary license for your job. That’s why we have put together this blog post so that you can learn more about how to protect your privilege to work in Texas. Whether you are a current professional or an aspiring one, these occupational license tips from an experienced licensed lawyer will help guide you through the process and give you the best chance for success.

Look for an experienced license lawyer

First and foremost, it’s critical to ensure that any defense attorney hired to represent your interests is an experienced licensed lawyer. Their past experience with licensing issues establishes that your potential lawyer has extensive knowledge and experience in criminal law, which is essential when trying to protect your ability to work in Texas. The attorneys at Monks Law Firm are all experienced licensed lawyers with decades of experience handling cases involving occupational licenses.

Check out their track record

When searching for an attorney, make sure they have a track record of success in getting their clients’ occupational licenses approved or reinstated after conviction or suspension. Ask them questions about the steps they take when representing clients seeking occupational licenses and ask to see case results if possible. It is also important to research past client reviews as well as any complaints filed against the firm with the State Bar of Texas; this information can provide valuable insight into their legal abilities and ethics.

Make sure they specialize in occupational license issues

It is also crucial that your lawyer understands all aspects of occupational licensing laws in Texas. This includes information like what types of offenses will disqualify someone from obtaining an occupational license and how they can challenge such disqualifications on behalf of their clients. While most charges related to DWI/DUI convictions will result in an automatic disqualification from receiving an occupational license, there may be ways around this depending on the specific circumstances surrounding each case. An experienced licensed lawyer should be able to analyze each individual situation and determine whether there are possible defenses available for their client’s case that could allow them to keep their job and continue working without interruption.

Familiarity with the law is key

In addition, it is essential for any lawyer hired for an occupational license case to be familiar with both state and federal laws related to employment background checks as well as drug testing policies as these can have a major impact on someone’s ability to obtain or retain an occupational license in Texas. State laws vary widely in terms of what employers can legally ask during background checks and whether they can deny someone based on prior criminal convictions; having knowledge of these laws can prove invaluable when fighting for occupational license approval or reinstatement following conviction or suspension. Similarly, understanding drug testing policies helps ensure that drug tests do not lead to unnecessary disqualifications due solely to false positives rather than actual intoxication while operating machinery (such as heavy equipment) related directly to one's job responsibilities.

Be sure to find someone versed in appeals

Finally, it’s important that any lawyer hired to understand the appeals process should their client’s request for an occupational license be denied by state authorities. This way, your attorney can be prepared ahead of time by knowing what steps need to be t