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How to get a driver’s license reinstatement letter in Texas
June 20, 2022 at 11:30 PM
Image of someone who just got their driver's license reinstatement letter in Texas.

Being able to drive in Houston is essential to commute to work and school, visit friends, and enjoy the city. But it can be challenging to keep your license in good standing between traffic tickets, speeding tickets, and other infractions. Everyone makes mistakes. Depending on your license type, losing your license might be easier than you think. Regular Class C licenses provide chances for drivers, but DOT and CDLs have stricter driver requirements.

Even if your driver’s license is suspended, you still have options. A traffic attorney in Houston can look at your case and provide expert advice about appealing your suspension and getting a driver’s license reinstatement letter.

Reasons why a Class C license may be suspended

Following traffic laws ensures that drivers stay safe on the road, both toward other vehicles and pedestrians. But in the world today, it’s easy to get distracted and accidentally speed or run a red light. Moving violations in your vehicle generate points on your license, accumulating to cause a suspension. Here are some of the common tickets:

  • Traffic violations
  • Speeding tickets
  • DUIs, DWIs, and refusing to take a breathalyzer
  • Not paying child support
  • Driving without valid car insurance

Different violations come with unique point values. Four points within 12 months or seven points within 24 months cause a suspension. However, incidents involving intoxication lead to an automatic license suspension.

Common reasons for CDL suspensions in Texas

Holding a commercial driver’s license is more responsibility than a standard license. The law holds operators of commercial vehicles to a higher standard, meaning there’s less room for mistakes. Here are some of the most common reasons CDLs get suspended in Texas.

  • Driving under the influence
  • Leaving an accident
  • Traffic infractions

Most incidents lead to an automatic one-year suspension. However, if the driver is transporting hazardous material, the first suspension is longer, up to three years. Safe, responsible driving is the best way to avoid the stress of appealing a license suspension. If you are facing a CDL suspension, a Texas traffic attorney can help.

What is a driver’s license reinstatement letter?

You might go through the entire appeal process and still have a suspended license. In those circumstances, you must wait for the suspension period to end and receive a reinstatement letter for a driver’s license.

However, even if you lose your license, you may still be eligible for a restricted Texas driver’s license; they allow you to drive to designated locations at certain times, enabling drivers to commute to work or school.

What happens if your Class C or CDL is suspended?

Getting your driver’s license reinstated can feel overwhelming. But working with an experienced traffic attorney can make the process less stressful. Don’t wait until after your hearing to contact a lawyer for help. As soon as you face suspension, it’s important to reach out to an attorney.

Even if you don’t get the decision you want during your suspension hearing, you have 30 days to appeal it. Traffic attorneys with years of experience can build a compelling argument for your case and walk you through the necessary steps for a driver’s license reinstatement.