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How a Houston traffic attorney can dismiss traffic violations
May 24, 2022 at 7:00 AM
A person reviewing their traffic tickets.

Traffic violations can result in steep fines and long-term consequences on your record. If you received an unjust traffic ticket, contacting a traffic attorney in Houston is imperative to fight this injustice. At Monks Law Firm, we have 40 years of experience advocating for Houston residents. Family-owned and operated, our passion is providing communicative, transparent, and tailored services to our valued community. We will fight your case until the end.

Here’s what to know about fighting traffic violations:

Can you fight a traffic violation?

When considering hiring a traffic attorney in Houston, many people wonder if it’s worth fighting a traffic violation. Violations are usually negotiable.

Unfortunately, people often pay for tickets without knowing this, which is more than an added expense. Paying a traffic ticket is an admission of guilt, which is a blemish on your record and can have long-term repercussions.

Fortunately, at Monks, we are Houston’s premier traffic attorneys. Here’s how we can help dismiss traffic violations:

We have experience and knowledge.

Traffic attorneys in Houston have a nuanced understanding of the law due to experience, and they know how to determine if tickets were issued legally.

Without the experience of a traffic lawyer, it is impossible to know what to look for to identify mistakes in a ticket or prove your innocence. This experience enables lawyers to find errors the average person cannot.

Plus, without the counsel of an experienced traffic attorney, it’s impossible to know the best course of action. Attorneys have experience working with local judges, law enforcement officers who write tickets, and even attorneys.

This is an advantage when devising a strategy for your defense. If you need a seasoned traffic attorney, at Monks, we have the experience to provide an advantage in the courtroom.

We have expertise.

Houston traffic attorneys also have the expertise you need for success. Even if you can’t have your ticket dismissed, you can often reduce the fine or negotiate a different punishment entirely.

Negotiation is a skill lawyers hone, and this expertise is an asset the average person doesn’t possess. Plus, when contesting a fine, you need evidence. The average person doesn’t have access to this evidence or know what evidence they need and how to document it.

Traffic lawyers have the expertise and connections to consolidate evidence and prove your innocence. If you need a traffic lawyer in Houston with unrivaled expertise to fight a traffic violation, at Monks, we have the expertise to help.

We represent you.

Traffic attorneys in Houston also help fight violations through representation. Typically, you will go to court when fighting a ticket. However, with an attorney, you likely won’t have to go at all.

More importantly, you can rest assured they are representing you in the courtroom better than you could. Traffic lawyers know what to focus on when advocating for you to achieve the best possible outcome. Traffic attorneys fight for your rights and are totally on your side.

Moreover, with representation, you won’t succumb to prosecutors’ tactics or pressure since they know they cannot bully you and take advantage of your legal inexperience. Lastly, representation telegraphs innocence.

Guilty people are more likely to pay the ticket or represent themselves. Representation tele