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What questions should you ask a Houston car accident lawyer?
June 6, 2022 at 7:30 PM
Image of a car driving down a street, if they get in a wreck they'll contact a car accident lawyer in Houston.

At best, a car accident can ruin your day. But even a fender bender can lead to long-term problems with your health, wellness, and vehicle. After calling your insurance and law enforcement at the accident site, your next call should be to a car accident lawyer in Houston. They can let you know your options following a wreck. Personal injury attorneys provide compassionate guidance to clients partnered with tenacious advocacy in the courtroom. Here are the most important questions when meeting with a car accident lawyer.

What are your practice areas?

If you don’t often deal with legal issues, you may not think further than hiring the first lawyer with whom you meet. However, attorneys specialize in different areas of law. Not every lawyer has expertise in handling personal injury and car accident cases.

Even if you have a general practice attorney that handles your other legal needs, it’s a good idea to find a personal injury lawyer after a car accident. They’ll have handled hundreds of similar cases, so they can provide you with the expertise you need for a successful outcome.

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How often do you go to trial?

Some car accident lawyers avoid trial at all costs and prefer to settle when it comes to personal injury cases. However, when an insurance company sees an attorney with a lengthy trial record, they know your lawyer will be a tenacious advocate.

A lawyer who isn’t afraid to go to trial won’t accept a lesser settlement than you deserve. Monks Law Firm has secured millions of dollars for our clients over the years because we’re tireless in our fight for fair compensation. We won’t accept less than you deserve for your personal injury claim.

Who handles personal injury cases for your firm?

Some larger law firms will have new clients meet with an attorney but then have a less experienced lawyer or paralegal do most of the work of the case. It may seem like a bigger firm has the resources to secure an equitable settlement for your case. However, it might mean a less experienced lawyer is doing most of the work.

A smaller firm specializing in personal injury cases will have a lawyer with decades of experience handling your case. You’ll benefit from their experience and knowledge at every step of the process.

What will I have to do for my case?

When you work with an experienced personal injury attorney, they’ll be able to set expectations for how your case will go. A personal injury lawyer will handle negotiating your settlement with the insurance company, but that’s just one aspect of what goes into a car accident case.

Every lawyer requires a different amount of work from their clients when it comes to filling out paperwork or preparing for trial. Knowing your involvement from the initial phone call allows you to make time for your case to ensure you don’t miss critical deadlines.

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