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When should you call a defense lawyer after getting charged with a DWI?
August 8, 2022 at 7:00 AM
A woman in need of a defense lawyer after DWI

A DWI is a serious penalty that is used to deter people from driving while intoxicated. Being charged with a DWI is therefore a frightening situation for anyone to find themselves in. Such driving laws are necessary for the protection of motor vehicle operators; however, there is some legal recourse that individuals who are faced with these charges should be aware of. The key is to reach out to an attorney at the right moment so that you can ensure your rights are protected.

At Monks Law Firm, our top-rated defense lawyers are committed to providing clients with the representation and important legal information that they are entitled to. Regardless of your situation, we are here to minimize your charges and help you get back to your life.

In the event that you are ever charged with a DWI, it is essential to know the right steps to take. Continue reading to learn when it is the right time to contact a lawyer following a penalty of this kind.

Before answering any unnecessary questions

The average person does not have enough interactions with law enforcement in their lifetime to understand exactly what a police officer has the right to do or say after pulling someone over. It often comes as a surprise to people that officers are only legally entitled to retrieve a small amount of information from drivers during a roadside stop. Beyond identifying the individual, there are not many questions that drivers are required to answer before calling a law firm for representation. If the officer who stops your vehicle begins asking questions that could incriminate you such as your alcohol consumption that day or where you are coming from, there is no reason why you can not stop the conversation and explain that you would like to contact an attorney.

Before the situation escalates

In a tense situation like an unexpected roadside stop, it is natural for drivers to become defensive and emotionally charged. However, it is essential to maintain one’s composure in order to avoid risking any further legal repercussions. This is another reason why it is in your best interest to contact a lawyer immediately after you have been pulled over for driving while intoxicated. This will allow you to remove yourself from the situation and calm your nerves before there is any other dialogue between you and the police officer. In the United States, you are entirely within your rights to take a moment and call an attorney during a roadside stop. Therefore, there is no reason not to be polite while speaking to law enforcement.

Prepare for emergencies in advance

Although a DWI charge is not something that any of us ever expect to receive, there is no telling who might find themselves in a regrettable situation like this in the future. For this reason, it is advisable to prepare in advance by logging a number into your phone for a reputable, local defense attorney. This way, you will know exactly who to call in the event that you are pulled over for driving while intoxicated. Of course, if you are preparing these details in advance, it only makes sense to opt for the best lawyer in your area. Do your research and select a top-rated attorney who you feel you can trust should you ever find yourself in these circumstances.

Regardless of your situation, it is essential to have the right representation on your side. At Monks Law Firm, we pride ourselves on establishing a safe, judgment-free space where clients can rely on us no matter wh